To Breed Or Not to Breed?

When my niece, Melanie, told me eight years ago that she had just adopted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from a breeder in Georgia, I worried that she was in for heartache. The little guy was only 11 weeks old, but I had read that virtually all Cavalier King Charles developed mitral valve disease in middle age, a condition that leads to heart failure and often causes premature death. …

Quality Versus Length of Life for Your Dog

Longer survival time is also the main yardstick by which the Food and Drug Administration decides whether to approve a drug, Dr. Rush comments. This approach has permeated veterinary cardiology as well, he says. Survival time for dogs has been kind of like the Holy Grail, where a new drug, compared to an older one or a placebo, tends to be lauded - and receive government approval - if it results in a longer life span.

Dear Doctor

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